We are Life Science Vision Capital

Building Healthcare and Life Sciences Start-ups in India and UK.


Digital Healthcare
& Telemedicine
& Bioprocess Innovations
Connected Care
& Remote Monitoring

About us

We are an early-stage investment and venture studio firm working exclusively in the field of Life science innovations and digital healthcare.

Our purpose and passion is to scout, build, enable and empower the most promising life science therapeutics innovations and digital healthcare startups. We help turn new science into new products, improving the outcome for patients and we help create value for innovators, investors, and health care systems around the world.

We are also building India's first venture studio for healthcare and life science start-ups.

Our portfolio

We help Entrepreneurs build the cutting edge start-ups. Our early stage portfolio includes biotherapeutics, digital patient monitoring platforms, tele-medicine platforms, medication adherence, AI-connected and remote care start-ups.

We invest in early stage companies taking novel scientific approaches to address significant unmet needs in the Life Sciences and Healthcare sector. Since 2016, we have invested in 12 start-ups across the globe.

The Team

Life Science Vision Capital is driven by our talented team and network. We bring together our experienced investment professionals with healthcare industry veterans to build value in breakthrough life sciences companies.

As a team, we represent a broad range of highly relevant education, experience and competencies. Come on in and meet the team.