Backing Entrepreneurs building for the future of life sciences and healthcare.

Our beliefs drive everything we do.

We believe the next healthcare giant will be a technology company. We believe in pioneers with outsized ambitions. We believe in people with grand plans. Who thinks big. Who are fearless and determined. We believe in Entrepreneurs who want to build formidable enterprises on a global scale. Founders who see way beyond personal financial gains. Individuals on a mission to create an extraordinary future. We believe that the dynamics of early-stage founder/investor relationship works best when built on a balanced foundation of respect and honesty. Building a successful start-up is rarely a straightforward process, and most companies experience troubles at some point in time. In that situation, everyone is best served by having an honest and collaborative relationship. We believe in the power of ethics. We don’t see ethics as an impediment to success. On the contrary, we believe an ethical core is a critical element of every great global company. We seek companies and entrepreneurs who share this same belief.

What drives our investment thesis

Technology is everywhere and transforms every industry. The Next series of $1bn valuations will be in tech-led healthcare and life sciences space. Technology has the power to generate very large companies in a short period of time and our ambition is to nurture these future giants in our portfolio. We scout for entrepreneurs that innovate with vision and execute with conviction to solve the most pressing problems in our health care delivery system. We back experienced and entrepreneurial executives to create industry-leading companies. Leveraging the technology and data infrastructure implemented over the past decade, the future holds unlimited opportunities to mend structural deficiencies in the healthcare system. Innovation drives the shift of care to lower-cost settings, easier patient access, de-stigmatization of mental health treatment, democratization of clinical trials and increasingly holistic care infrastructure.

Our core categories - digital healthcare

Digital Healthcare & Tele medicine

Digital Health, mHealth, Telemedicine, Tele-health, EMR/EHR/EIH

Ai/ DML/ Cognitive Behaviour protocols

Medication adherence, AI in Chornic disease management, NLP

Biosensors & Bioelectronics

Point monitoring devices, cardiac pacemaker, blood glucose meter and magnetic resonance imaging

Digital Therapeutics & Remote/Connected Care

Evidence-based therapeutic interventions driven by high quality software programs and virtual assets

Digital Clinical Trials

Patient recruitment, retention, adherence, and stringent clinical trial execution

Our focus categories - Life sciences & Med-tech

Our team of entrepreneurs and investors have supported the generation, development, and application of cutting-edge technologies and scientific discoveries that have advanced medicine, including:

Biotherapeutics & Biopharma

early stage clinical development and initial research and development

AHR, Microbiome & Microbiata, Immune Functions

Software in Life sciences

Tech for optimisation of bioprocesses and biotech research

Artificial intelligence and big data

Dashboard/platform solutions to expedite research and development process

Medical Device & Diagnostics

Swab test kits for point of care tests, COVID-19 home test kits etc.

The road from innovation to market in the life sciences area often demands both large-scale and long-term investments. Accordingly, we more often than not co-invest with other funds and institutional investors. We encourage and welcome both (co-) investors and innovators to contact us to open a dialogue.