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While we occasionally hold open office hours at our office, (announced via Twitter, now Virtual office hours) and our email addresses are pretty easy to guess or find online, the best way to reach us is through a mutual contact. Introductions help to give context and you the attention which may otherwise go missing if you cold call.
London office:

Contact us: +44 (0) 20 7139 0839
Write us: info@lsvcapital.com

152-160 Kemp House, Old Street
London, EC1V 2NX
United Kingdom

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Frequently asked questions

1Do you invest in early stage life science companies ? What's the average check size ?

We are an early-stage investment and venture studio firm. Yes, we invest in early-stage life science companies. Our average check varies between $75k-$500k for seed round. We also do pro-rata on the following rounds.

2What's the venture studio model and how one can apply to EiR program ?

Venture studio or venture builder is a model where we act as part operator/part investor. We incubate our ideas and build a team around it before spinning it off as an independent entity.

We conceptualize, fund, and scale internal ideas into commercially viable ventures which then spun off as new separate entities. We hire top-notch talented and experienced people, build great team and technology around the idea, lease out new office space, and spun off the company to create significant value for all related stakeholders. You can follow us on twitter @lsvcapital for EiR program updates.

3Do you invest in pre-team stage?

Though this is not our favorite route of investment however we would like to learn more about you and find out if we can help you build your team.

We are a venture studio + Investment firm. We generate, test, and fund unique business ideas internally. We partner up with a technical or a business co-founder who get 30-50% of the company’s shares. We act as the perfect co-founder by bringing hands-on expertise, resources, finances each venture’s first iteration, and drives each startups towards success. Our goal is that each startup becomes fully independent and adds significant value to all related stakeholders.

4What is Xhealth Innovation Labs, how one can apply to accelerator ?

Recently, Aster DM Healthcare, Life Science Vision Capital (LSV)and Social Alpha (Foundation for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship) announced India’s first industry-led global incubator and accelerator “XHealth Innovation Labs” for data technologies. With the ambition to radically transform how future medicines and health services are delivered by tapping into the power of emerging data technologies, the Innovation lab will run a 12-week incubator program coupled with two weeks at Aster’s hospitals in Bangalore. The program will see, 10 health tech start-ups graduating in Jan 2021. Applications for the same, will open on 20 June 2020 for the first cohort starting in Oct 2020. The newly formulated innovation labs will incubate 10 start-ups in each cohort twice a year. The incubated companies will develop both scientific and commercial solutions.

5Can I send my pitch deck over office email to you ?

Absolutely, you can send us an email deck. We promote sharing via docusign. Moreover you can attend our virtual office hours for more information.