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Digital Healthcare

New opportunities in the digital healthcare sector range from telehealth to remote patient care to digital therapeutics to newer algorithms for improved insights on patient awareness, on diseases, adherence to treatment regimen, disseminating real-time information on developments in therapy areas, etc. Pharma companies have also started collaborating with start-ups after recognizing the potential of digital platforms, mobile apps, and social media for giving scientific detailing. We see a huge potential of deep tech space (Ai, deep machine learning, NLP) where tech-enabled solutions can expedite
the rate of drug discoveries and applications include everything from gaining deeper data insights, computational and model-based engineering, virtual analysis, and digital continuity to reduce cost and streamline operations. It is abundantly clear that these differentiated offerings must align with an appreciating virtualized economy and where the service is as important as the physical product. If you are an entrepreneur building in any of these sectors, do reach out to us. We have a lot to offer.

Women, Parenting and Family

Doyen is building to be leading women’s and family health company – and is the only Indian end-to-end care solution for the entire family journey, focused from women's perspective.
Doyen is building a women’s and family health platform that offers virtual care and services to individuals, employers, and health plans. Its virtual clinic will offer three core elements of quality healthcare:

  • Care Members - Care Advocates who advocate for members throughout their healthcare journey
  • Access to largest women's network - On-demand access to the largest custom network of women’s and family health providers in over 20 specialties via video chat or messaging.
  • Community - A community offering information, expert support, and resources.

Building personalized programs support every path to parenthood including egg freezing, fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, pediatrics, adoption, surrogacy, return-to-work, breast milk shipping, and care management.

Women Digital Healthcare Platform

Women control approximately 80% of the buying and usage decisions in the healthcare consumers market, yet they are still underserved. This critical gap becomes even more complex and prominent for women in the workforce while starting and growing a family. By partnering with healthcare companies and employers, Doyen provides end-to-end care solutions for the family planning journey.

AI in Chronic care and Management

Now Digital Health is aiming to be one-stop AI powered healthcare platform allowing patients to better control their health outcomes.

NDH is building to offer Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered health pathways for chronic care, including pain management, liver diseases, ovarian cancer, chronic kidney diseases, low back pain and epilepsy.

Personalized care platform

In an age of hyper-personalisation, everything is moving towards the idea of one. Individualized chronic care combined with AI can lead to supreme outcomes. That's the core of Now Digital Health.
AI and machine learning can help break the vicious cycle of ‘chronic-to-acute-to-catastrophic’ through proactive risk and onset prediction, and mitigation with timely intervention. NDH is aiming to specialize in providing solutions that leverage this understanding to drive value in disease prevention and healthcare delivery through improving identification, prediction and risk stratification of patients, thereby delivering personalized care and better outcomes.

  • Regular personalized care - Deliver personalized patient care on a continuous and regular basis
  • Better Patient Insights - Capture and utilize greater patient insights more effectively. Use AI/NLP to uncover important clinical insights providing 24/7 access to care
  • Seamless integration - between NDH's Care Team and physician's existing workflows and EHR
  • Patient-Reported Data & Outcomes - Both patient-reported outcomes and data derived from medical devices will help augment the learnings. Via mobile apps, patients and their caregivers are engaged to actively participate in their care pathway and its additional supervised modules for adherence, mental support, nutritional support, wellness and education.

Based on a hybrid model, NDH software optimizes daily care delivery by continuously presenting recommendations derived from advanced expert algorithms and deep learning outcomes. Providers will be able to accept or decline those recommendations so that over time, through machine-learning, providers’ choices will become optimally aligned with their desired outcomes.

Championing patient powered research networks

The era of big data, loosely defined as the development and analysis of large or complex data sets, brings new opportunities to empower patients and their families to generate, collect, and use their health information for both clinical and research purposes. There has been increasing recognition of the need to engage patients, families, and other patient stakeholders in research.
The start-up is working towards building on the foundation of trust within the patient communities and draw on their expertise, working with participants to identify true patient-centered outcomes and direct a patient-centered research agenda. It will overcome common challenges including enrolling a diverse and representative patient population; engaging patients in governance; designing the data infrastructure; sharing data securely while protecting privacy; prioritizing research questions; scaling small networks into a larger network; and identifying pathways to sustainability. Currently in stealth mode, Healthacto Techco is building towards

  • Fostering joint ownership - in the identification of health priorities, the development and evaluation of research strategies and their design, and the dissemination of findings
  • A keen recognition and appreciation - for the importance of stakeholder-driven priorities, research, and solutions
  • Building capacity - of both stakeholders and researchers to engage in research collaboratively.
  • Recognizing that conducting the research is not the endpoint but continues on with a commitment to dissemination, spread, adoption and sustainability.

Healthacto Techco is building a collaborative community where clinicians, researchers, parents and patients are empowered to learn and continuously improve to bring about more reliable, proactive IBD care for healthier children and youth.

Building capacity for conducting patient-centered clinical outcomes research

The PPRN concept, a research organization led by patients and organized around the evidence needs of patients, was of particular interest to those who see value in supporting truly patient-centered clinical research.

Healthacto Techco is Asia's first startup in the space of patient powered research network.

Bringing AI to Cancer care world

Ommo is a one-stop platform designed to offer help to cancer patients to cut through the confusing mountain of information and find a more manageable path to treatment option, including trials.

Ommo is an AI-based trial matching platform that uses self-reported clinical information to facilitate clinical trial search, matching, and enrollment by cancer patients and their physicians.

Changing the world of cancer care

Ommo's artificial intelligence technology curates massive volumes of research data and instantly presents it in easy to understand language and format thus removing barriers to becoming a true partner with your oncologist in making decisions about your future.
Ommo is an AI-based trial matching platform that uses self-reported clinical information to facilitate clinical trial search, matching, and enrollment by cancer patients and their physicians. It partners with all sectors of the health industry to revolutionize the trial recruitment process leading to reduced operational costs and expedited drugs’ time to market. Accumulated patient data may be used for informing the trial design and enrollment decisions and contribute to data-driven precision medicine. It uses AI to transform the world of cancer care.

  • For Patients- enhancing capability to provide better and more advanced care in their clinic, increasing patient retention
  • For Community Oncologists- Sparing futile searches on google and other unfiltered web resources and providing relevant, personalized treatment options. Facilitating communication with healthcare providers and trial sponsors
  • Partners with pharma - Shorten recruiting timeline, expedite revenue with quicker go-to -market, Reduce operational cost and Increase development pipeline

Ommo is also building a cancer prognostics platform, built out of partnerships with clinicians and healthcare providers to assist in better diagnosis, prognosis.

Non-invasive, contactless, continous remote monitoring platform

Logix health is a machine learning-powered young health-tech startup that allows continuously, contactless, and remotely monitors health vitals using a digital camera on your laptop, webcam or smartphone using our proprietary RTOS (TM) technology. Logix has pioneered a new neuroscience technology to study human physiology and psychology which is non-invasive and remote in a contactless manner.
>Logix Health solutions allow doctors to monitor patients’ health remotely, using just a simple webcam. There is no need for additional equipment since the software gathers all relevant information straight from the camera. It’s a simple and non-invasive method of measuring blood pressure, heart rate, stress levels, and more, helping create a picture of the patient’s health condition. This reduces the costs for hospitals, but also saves patients’ time.

Commercial launch: May 2021.

A new neuroscience technology to study human physiology and psychology which is non-invasive and remote in a contactless manner.

Using proprietary technology, Logik combines neuroscience, psychology, physiology, and deep learning to detect, measure, and analyze human effects. The company developed a technique called Real-Time Transdermal Optical Image Sequencing™ (RTOS™) which extracts facial blood flow information from the human face using any video camera, including those found in a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

Actionable Insights and intelligence for Pharma Industry

Pharmonitor is a leading international business to business information company working exclusively in the life science and healthcare sector. Pharmonitors' machine intelligence platform, intelligence analysts, and a global network of exclusive events, webinars, reports, and training modules empower people to articulate compelling answers to difficult questions — about strategy, about the competition, about technology, and about growth.

Pharmonitor connect professionals with the knowledge, ideas, and opportunities helping them learn more, know more and do more.

Connecting professionals with idea, knowledge and opportunity

Pharmonitor's four division analyzes millions of data points on companies, venture capital, startups, patents, partnerships and news mentions to help you see tomorrow's opportunities, today.
To grow, do business, make breakthroughs, develop careers, and make better-informed decisions, specialists look for highly relevant, quality and trusted knowledge, information, and connections. Pharmonitor's leading brands and expert teams deliver events and exhibitions (both virtual and in-person), create intelligence-based products and data-driven services, convene communities in person and digitally and provide access to cutting-edge research for customers working in specialist markets, worldwide..

  • Pharmonitor Connect -organizes virtual networking events, conferences, summits for pharmaceutical, medical, technology & healthcare sector.
  • Pharmonitor Insights - help over 10,000 businesses worldwide make better informed decisions, spot opportunities & gain competitive advantage.
  • Pharmonitor Learn is a virtual training and learning platform for professionals working in the pharmaceutical and healthcare domains
  • Pharmonitor Innovate - AI enabled platform that allows businesses worldwide drive meaningful insights from information in few clicks.

Current clientbase includes Pfizer, Sanofi, 3M healthcare, GSK, Roche etc.